Leadforensics Former HSBC Exec Amichai Lichtenstein Joins Board Of Apply Financial

NEWS 2017

Former HSBC exec Amichai Lichtenstein joins board of Apply Financial

Amichai Lichtenstein, former Senior manager at HSBC has joined Apply Financial the L39 Fintech disruptor as a member of the board.

In his role of board member Amichai will help Apply Financial refine and develop its solutions for Banks and other NBFI's to build on its already impressive client base that includes Barclays, HSBC and AMEX.

CEO of Apply Financial, Mark Bradbury said, "Some time back we engaged with Amichai in his role at HSBC and when he left to pursue a portfolio career in Fintech we wanted to get his expertise on board and are very pleased to announce today that he has agreed to join our board."

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