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We have made the deployment, use and management of VALIDATE as simple to do as possible. Below you will find out how to get started but if you wish to find out more through a demo with the team at Apply Financial please click below, fill in a few details and we will set up a demo for you in no time at all


Using Apply Financial's Validate tools and content on your website, in your app, with your ERP system and your Payments Systems

We make it easy for you to integrate Validate's REST API (both Validate and Validate Data Manager) and web services into your online and offline apps and into your native mobile apps. Our REST API allows you to validate bank details, collect additional information from your clients and to warn them of potential delays, costs or issues with the payment they are trying to make and to suggest changes to removes those issues. Use the core calls to find, and bring relevant, even real-time, messages to your clients improving your customer experience and enhancing your company's payment flow.

Build an app using Validate

Apply Financial's API platform includes a range of endpoints to help you build an app and solution which keeps you ahead of the market. As your app or solution needs to grow, you'll also find more web calls that you can fit into your flow to give you more features and functions as and when you need them.

Its simple to set up

Validate is a REST API. To get started all you need is to create a token using a POST call and then submit the details that your customer has in a GET or POST call and you'll be able to validate the data your customer submits. Just submit your user details to get a time limited security token. This allows us to ensure that you are who you say you are and that you have an active account. Also when it comes to validating data you don't expose your user credentials to end users. Use the security token and submit with the bank account data that your client gave you and you'll get your answer. Our solution will understand the details that you've submitted and tell you if its correct or not and why using our comprehensive set of error messages.

Validate API - What it does

Our customers implement Validate API to give their business the quickest ROI and most of all to improve their customer interaction, business flows and processes. Validate is a REST API that delivers the reference data and business processes automatically to your solutions


Our customers use our service primarily to validate bank codes and account numbers and the relationship between them. This means you can streamline, correct and enhance the data you collect from your clients

Correspondents and
Payment Channels

Validate API has access to our global database of correspondent and payment channel details, these can be retrieved wherever you need them in your payment flow and by using our rules your business will gain significant benefits

Reason Codes

Using this feature integrated into your platform will ensure that all the correct codes are collected and validated


A full set of global holiday information including public and clearing system holidays is provided

Getting Started


Once you login Validate API offers you a full set of guides and documentation to help you configure and deploy into your applications and services



Validate API allows you to configure a range of functions including error messages and preferred payment networks without the need for any coding

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