Leadforensics Apply Financial Acquires Achta, Cloud Based SEPA Services & Payment Validation Tools Provider

NEWS 2017

Achta based in Dublin acquired by Apply Financial Ltd

Achta, a provider of cloud based SEPA services and payment validation tools were today acquired by Apply Financial , which provides solutions to validate, enrich, and fix single and bulk payment information in the cloud.

Today in London, Apply Financial Ltd, the Level 39 disruptor signed an agreement to acquire Achta Ltd of Dublin to add to its portfolio of clients and to provide a springboard into Europe. As part of the agreement Achta' clients will migrate to Validate API, the industry leading payment validation tool from Apply Financial.

CEO of Apply Financial, Mark Bradbury said, "We are very excited to acquire Achta and bring on board their client base in Ireland and also to be able to attract more clients throughout the Republic and Northern Ireland. We also see more opportunities coming to fruition in Europe through this positive acquisition."

Barry Armstrong, Managing Director of Achta, says : "We have built some very strong relationships with our client base but realised we needed to strengthen our product offering to them to maintain our strategy going forward. The acquisition by Apply Financial and they expertise and product solutions they bring to the table will allow us to continue to build these relationships both with our existing clients and with new prospects we are currently talking to. "

Apply Financial focuses on the important validation element of the payment process. Unlike any other vendor of validation solutions we make a no compromise commitment to reducing the cost and simplifying the integration of our solutions whilst improving the customer experience.

We work with dynamic players in the Fintech arena, part of the fast growing group of technology companies with global experience who are developing game-changing business models. We are supporting businesses to make international trade payments predictable, reducing cost and simplifying processes. We always strive to offer our clients the most innovative validation service available, providing unrivalled value, efficiency and transparency.

About Achta

Achta Ltd, established in 2011 is an innovative and dynamic payments technology company. Achta specialises in providing payment solutions and consultancy to banks and corporates. Achta works with a number of best of breed technology partners to assist banks and corporates in successfully implementing banking and payment systems. Our expert team has valuable experience in delivering large-scale projects throughout Europe. Achta provides an unique mix of banking and business knowledge combined with IT expertise. Achta's clients have access to a superb range of solutions ranging from online and e-banking to payment data validations.

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