Leadforensics Payment Validation - Why The Digitisation Of Payments Requires A Dynamic Map

NEWS 2017

The Digitisation of Payments Requires a Dynamic Map

Imagine a map showing you how to get from 10 Finsbury Square, Moorgate, London, to a particular road, somewhere in the middle of China, in order for you to deliver ?100 to a particular branch of a Chinese bank.

That would be a pretty complicated map, involving multiple regions, languages, transport hubs, and major roads and minor paths. Depending on how you traveled, it's going to take between days and weeks. Complicated but doable. Before you set off you'd probably want to know if anything had changed, if one of the roads was closed, or if there was a national holiday resulting in all the hotels being booked on the night you plan to arrive. It would take a bit of planning, in order to avoid the otherwise likely scenario of something going wrong. And if something goes wrong, you have to turn around, retrace your steps, and go back to where you started, in order to begin the process again.

Compare this to sending an email to China, it's probably at least as convoluted, with just as many networks, servers, wires and wireless pathways. Fortunately, the extraordinary technology that is the world wide web ensures your email is going to be received in around 1 second. Even with Chinas extra layers of security.

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